Fracture Care Billing Information

Our practice follows the billing guidelines of the American Medical Association for fracture care.  Most insurance companies conform to these billing standards. Fracture care is billed as “global service” that includes the following:

  • Your initial evaluation and treatment by the doctor;
  • Application of the first cast or splint
  • All related follow-up visits for the next 90 days.

The global fracture care charge does not include casting or splint supplies, braces or slings, reapplication of casts or splints after the first one or x-rays. These would be billed separately.

The amount we charge for fracture care is consistent with insurance company reimbursements for this global package of services. Insurance companies typically ask patient’s to pay for part of their care through copayments and deductibles. In most cases, we will not know how much your share will be at the time of service. You should contact your insurance company to understand more about your cost for treatment.

We want all of our patients with fractures to receive necessary follow-up care to ensure complete healing of the fracture.  Please do not allow concerns about the cost of treatment to interfere with your follow-up care.  We are able to offer discounts and budget plans for those who need them.  

Contact our Billing Department at 412-678-8068 so we can tailor a plan to suit your needs.