To save time, we ask that you bring the following items with you:

  • Your current insurance cards
  • Your driver’s license or other photo ID
  • A referral from your PCP if needed for your insurance
  • Your referring doctor and/or primary care doctor’s name, address, phone and fax.
  • All of your current prescription bottles so we can accurately record your medication history, or a detailed list that includes name of each medication, dose and instructions on how you take it
  • For your convenience, we have online access to x-rays and scans from Jefferson Hospital, JRMC Diagnostics, any UPMC facilities, IRG or Tri-State Mobile. We will need you to bring actual films or CDs of your scans from any other facilities.
  • If your condition is due to an auto, work or liability claim, we will need complete accident information to properly bill these third parties. You should let us know the date of injury, claim number, name of insurance company, mailing address for claims, phone, fax, adjuster’s name and the contact information for the subscriber of the insurance.

Cash, check or credit/debit card for your copayment or deductible. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover.